Software Features

So much more than just a software program for dance studios!

Student Management

Students complain about disorganized studios. Don't let it happen to you. Keeping your studio organized, easily communicating with your students, and staying on top of your prospective students should largely be the responsibility of your studio management software. We've designed this software with that idea in mind. Software should help you stay organized, but it should also be easy to use, and actually decrease the amount of work you have to put every single day.

Payment Automation

Tuition payments need to be automated. Students and parents today expect the convenience and security that automated payments guarantee. Offering to accept credit cards, debit cards, and also ACH transactions (direct bank account withdrawal) you increase your total collections, and decrease the amount of work you'll have to do to actually get paid! Partner with the leaders in the industry. Let's help you actually collect more of what is due!

Marketing Management

Are you managing your studio marketing well? When it comes to marketing management the Compete Studio software leaves every other dance studio management software program in the dust. There is simply no comparison. This software will help you keep track of what marketing techniques are actually working, and how much you should be investing in each one.

Business Consulting

What does your competition know that you don't? Compete Studio is the only dance studio management software package that actually has built studio business training materials to help you grow your studio. You'll be able to learn everything from online marketing, to community outreach advertising techniques. We've got tutorials and tools to help you attract, register, and retain students that will be excited to pay a premium for your services.

Click here to schedule a free dance studio business consultation. We'd love to show you what you can accomplish.

Easy Reporting

Finally, a way to see clearly and easily how your studio is actually performing. The marketing, student, and payment reports help to visualize your growth, and will show you how to make changes, if needed, to build your studio and reach your goals. We want to see your studio grow, and we'll help you get there!

Prospect Pipeline

Having a well-designed marketing pipeline helps to ensure that no prospective students fall through the cracks are you're working with them to become paying students. The Compete Studio software allows you to create your own marketing pipeline that includes emails, text messages, phone calls, or other steps to keep in contact with your prospects. Just this one tool can be the key to doubling your enrollment this year.

Text and Email

The Compete Studio software allows you to send text messages and emails directly to your students, staff, and prospects. There is no need to use third-party software, or to import your contacts from your studio management account to another website. Use your Compete Studio account just like you would your smart-phone to send and receive text messages directly. We cover all the costs of purchasing a local phone number for your. Send emails from up to three different email addresses.

Class Management

A big part of retaining more students (especially the new ones) is maintaining good class management. Taking attendance and following up with students that are missing class is one of the most important techniques to guaranteeing that your classes remain full after you've worked so hard to get them there. The Compete Studio software makes creating classes, class rolls, and taking attendance a snap!

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